The Case of The Maligned Musicians by Lucky_Ladybug/Insaneladybug

Title: The Case of the Maligned Musicians
Writer/Artist: Lucky_Ladybug/insaneladybug
Pairing: None
Rating: T/PG-13
Warnings: Thematic elements, violence, hurt/comfort, angst
Genre: Drama/Mystery/Suspense/Friendship
How to give feedback: Comment to the post, please.
Authors notes: Under the cut, but right here I'll say this story is unfinished. It took me a long time to get enough of a plunnie to comfortably work with, and when I did, I realized I'd made a mistake and I had to fix a few things in one of the chapters. I currently have two chapters and some of a third. I'll edit this post if/when the rest comes. And I should mention, I'm much more likely to finish it if people like it and let me know.
Link to the story/art: N/A
Prompt: The Monkees once again find themselves in legal trouble. Their lawyer is Perry Mason.
Summary: Micky witnesses a murder and he and the others are placed under police protection. But the murderer has connections and everything goes downhill from there.

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"Happy Christmas, Peasants!" by getwicked

Title: Happy Christmas, Peasants!
Writer/Artist: getwicked/revychumso
Pairing: Some very mild Mike/Princess Gwen
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Genre: Friendship
How to give feedback: You can comment on this post or on my Tumblr post. :)
Authors notes: I tried!
Link to the story/art:
Prompt: Gen – rating G to PG13 – Princess Gwen ends up in the real world. Mayhem ensues. (Submitted by rose_of_pollux)
Summary: Princess Gwen makes an unexpected visit to the pad on Christmas day.

"The Battle of Growing Up" by fishnet_hamster/aquarian-sunchild

Title:The Battle of Growing Up
Writer/Artist: aquarian-sunchild (Tumblr)/fishnet_hamster (Livejournal)
Pairing: None. Although the primary focus is on Mike and Peter, it's not in a slashy sense.
Rating: I'm going to give it a PG-13 for a bit of language and some violence
Warnings: A smidge of violence
Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Friendship, Crossover
How to give feedback: Feel free to either comment on LJ or on Tumblr. You can also email me at if you'd like. I appreciate constructive criticism, and I just like talking to other writers and readers.
Authors notes: Ummm...I can't think of anything pertinent at the moment, as my brain is rather fried. Sorry!
Link to the story/art: The story starts here, and there are links at the end of each part to the next part of the story:
Prompt: Peter is the real Peter Pan, not the one someone wrote "that silly book" about, but the real one – the boy who didn't want to grow up. What is he doing away from Neverland? And why has he chosen to live with the other Monkees? When he gets the chance to fly back to Neverland, will he?
Summary: Peter leaves Neverland in search of a new adventure, but the biggest adventure he's ever encountered takes him right back. The question is: Does he belong in Neverland anymore?
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"Late Night" by sandsdream/carlislesimms

Title: Late Night
Writer/Artist: sandsdream/carlislesimms
Pairing: Mike/Peter
Rating: PG (PG-13 for language)
Warnings: RPF, as in Real Person Fic involving the real-life band members rather than their TV counterparts. It does contain slash, but it’s very mild, and that content is only in part three.
Genre: Slash/friendship
How to give feedback: Feel free to comment on this post or on Tumblr, if the mood strikes you!
Author's notes: It will probably make more sense if you watch the video clip that’s mentioned in the prompt, but it’s not absolutely necessary. Similarly, part three refers to this audio clip. All the locations and dates mentioned throughout are as factual as possible, too, even if the rest of the story is complete fiction!
Link to the story/art:
Prompt: Mike/Peter – any rating – A rpf that explains this quote Peter made on Letterman.
Summary: One late night in 1982, when Mike is watching television, he sees and hears something that reminds him of recording studios, and radio stations, and 1967.
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Unlabeled by elvira_was_here

Title: Unlabeled
Writer/Artist: elvira / elvira_was_here
Pairing: Micky/Mike
Rating: PG/PG-13
Warnings: none
Genre: genderswap, genderbend, romance, drama, angst, humor
How to give feedback: comment on AO3
Authors notes: First time writing genderswap! Was really interesting .)
Link to the story/art: Fic on AO3
Prompt: Any pairing – any rating – Genderswap. Don't mind if it's always-a-girl Monkee or a suddenly-turned-into-a-girl by magic type thing. I just know that the show writers helpfully gave us the best canvas ever to inspire genderswap, and it would be rude not to take advantage of this. (Submitted by unoriginal_liz)
Summary: Micky has something huge on his conscience and Mike has some extra curves.

"Nesmith and Jones" by rose_of_pollux

Title: Nesmith and Jones
Writer/Artist: rose_of_pollux/Crystal Rose of Pollux
Pairing: gen/friendship Mike and Davy
Rating: PG
Warnings: This is a Doctor Nez fic, so a few wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey elements?
Genre: Gen/friendship
How to give feedback: You can leave a review on FFN, on the monkeesfic entry, or tumblr
Authors notes: (Notes are in the fic itself. XD)
Link to the story/art: Read it on FFN, at the Monkeesfic comm, or on tumblr
Prompt: Gen or any pairing – any rating – What's the story behind Mike's wool hat?
Summary: Time is a very strange, unpredictable thing. In the blink of an eye, your past can intersect with your present and your future in ways you could never have guessed. But if you’ve got a loyal friend who’ll stand by you no matter what, well… then it doesn’t really matter, does it?
Power Monkees, Monkees

Manchester, Texas by jennytork

Title: Manchester, Texas
Writer/Artist: jennytork aka Enola Jones
Pairing: None
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Genre: Gen, drama with a splash of comedy
How to give feedback: Comment on the post at my page
Authors notes: With her kind permission, this is a sequel to ramblin_rosie's spectacular SPN/Monkees crossover I Need A Change Of Scenery. If you've not read it, what are you waiting for?? It does both worlds justice. If you want to read this one first, realise that the Winchesters taught the Monkees to Hunt, and you will not be lost.
Link to the story/art: Manchester, Texas
Prompt: Two of the Monkees (I chose Mike and Davy) are mind/soul-swapped.
Summary: Two of the Monkees are -- not quite -- themselves.
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Posting Dates

We've come this far! .)

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1. Look trough the date list
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Wednesday #6

I almost forgot! :O

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But didn't, after all, so before i'll have to go to bed:

- What are your favorite episodes? Why?

- Which episode you'd like be in (if you magically could) as a character or actor (how ever you prefer)? Why?

- Do you like to write episode related fic or completely made up stuff?

- If you've written something episode related, which episode was it? Tell us something about that! .)
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Wednesday #5

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Hi ya'll! This wednesday is gonna be all about music! .)

- What's your favorite Monkees song? Why?

- Do you have a special memory connected to your favorite song or the monkees' music in general?

- Which album is your favorite?

- Have you ever written a monkees song fic? If you would, which song would you choose to write? Or which song would you like to see written?

- Share songfic recommendations with us! .)

And as usual, the post is free for all kinds of wonderings .) And if you need cheerleading for your writing/drawing, just drop a comment!